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3400 Harney Road Taneytown, MD



The entry/exit lane is quite narrow, so please drive slowly entering and exiting the farm!

Please follow all signs and directional markers. During busy days, someone from our parking staff will greet you and show you a place to park. If you have special needs concerns, please let them know and they will do their best to accommodate you.

After you park, a greeter will provide you with a hand saw, and can assist you in where to find the "perfect tree" or show you where the pre-cut and live trees are located. Again, special needs folks can be assisted at this time. Remember, the field where you found the perfect tree 2 years ago is probably a good 2-3 feet taller, or that field maybe completely gone! Check with our staff to find out where the newest "hot spot" is.

After you've found and cut your tree, please try to get it as close to one of the roadways (but not in the roadway!) as possible. We have several staff members who will tag your tree and transport it up to the baling stations. Your tree can be shaken to remove loose interior needles and then baled for easy handling.

Our cashiers are located inside our Christmas shop...which also offers such items as Christmas gifts, crafts, wreaths (both decorated and undecorated), roping (10 and 25 yard rolls), antiques. Be sure to get a sample of our delicious hot cider! guaranteed to warm on those chilly days...

Once you have a receipt and your tree tag, one of our crew will match the tag numbers, and assist you in getting your tree to your vehicle and loaded.

(Due to insurance regulations, we cannot tie trees to vehicles, but we do have plenty of complimentary twine to tie down.)

Contact info@sewellsfarmonline.com with any questions.

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